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Seychelles Wedding & Honeymoon

If you want to make your wedding or honeymoon more romantic, then there is no other place in the world that would make the love spark again and again than in the archipelago of Seychelles. Even before couples all over the world discovered that Seychelles is an excellent place to spend their wedding or honeymoon, Seychelles has already witnessed numerous lovers exchanging their vows right in front of the Indian Ocean. As time goes by, many hotels are now offering wedding and honeymoon services or packages for all those who are interested. You can choose from different kinds of packages that have different amenities as well. The more expensive your wedding package is, the more items are included.

Seychelles HoneymoonInstead of the normal walking-down-the-aisle ceremony, your soon-to-be husband will wait for you at the other end while both of you are barefoot in the sand that is as soft as a powder. Flower arrangements can be included, but why go for an arranger if you already have different kinds of flowers, vividly colored, serving as your aisle décor. If you are not up for the sands and exotic tropical flowers, you may opt to get married at the terrace of the hotel or your villa where you can see the picturesque view of the sea and changing colors of the water during sunset.

However, you can only make wedding plans and arrangements in Seychelles once you have confirmed and reserved at any of the hotels in the tourist destination. The couple is advised to arrive at the hotel at least three days before their desired wedding date so that they can still have time to finalize their plans with their wedding planner. They will be given options as to where in the hotel or area in Seychelles will they get married. If there are also other services that the couple need before the event such as photographers, hairdressing, make-up and catering, it must be discussed at least 2 days before the event.

The most recommended time to get married in Seychelles is during the late afternoon. This is when the temperature is cooler since Seychelles has a tropical climate year-round. The sun also sets late in afternoon making it an excellent backdrop for that wonderful wedding photo. As for the dress, make sure that you will be wearing something that is not too tight or clothes with synthetic fibers because it will too uncomfortable considering that Seychelles have a humid weather.

After the ceremony, there will be a small or grandiose reception depending on the couple’s choice. The wedding cake will be provided by the hotel where they have their reservation. And it’s not yet over. There will be a lot of surprises waiting inside their room for their honeymoon. Depending on the package taken by the couple, they will have a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. They may also get to have a dinner for two, seafront, while men with violins serenade the lady and play with requested songs.