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Weather & Climate

Before deciding as to where you want to spend your family vacation, honeymoon or a tropical escapade, you will first look at the tourist attractions that you can find in that particular area. Of course, you will also try to look at the flight rates and hotel accommodation rates before booking or reserving slots. But most importantly, you have to know whether the tourist destination of your choice will have an excellent weather at your desired schedule. If a tropical paradise will give you a rainy weather while you are there, you certainly will not have a good time and get frustrated because the long trip and the money is obviously not worth it.

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago made up of more than one hundred fifty islands. This is also a tropical destination where there is a warm climate and cool breeze all year round. However, there are also some months that the Indian Ocean, the body of water which surrounds the archipelago of Seychelles will create huge waves that can be very dangerous to both tourists and locals of the archipelago. Sometimes this weather happens during the months of November to December or December until January.

The month of April is considered as the peak season of the tourism industry. This is warmest period in the archipelago of Seychelles and this is what most tourists wanted to experience. The waves are also calm as well as the winds, making it perfect for different kinds of water-sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, island hopping, and fishing. This is also the right to do trekking or hiking at the mountains of the archipelago. Since there is no precipitation during the month of April, the trails will only be full of dusts not mud.

On the other hand, starting from the month of May until the month of October, the weather is drier compared to the warm temperature that can be experienced during the month of April. At the latter part of the season (months of June until July) there is usually slight rainfalls happening especially during the night which gives a cooler breeze outside. However, these rainfalls are only light and usually last for no longer than fifteen minutes or so.

Remember that you pack only the light colored clothes and soft fabrics when you decided to fly to the Republic of Seychelles. Most of the days here in this archipelago have a warm temperature. Also, do not forget to bring your swimsuits or other swimming gears because you will certainly can’t resist the urge to dry the waters of the Indian Ocean which is usually calm the whole year except for a certain period. Avoid traveling to Seychelles at the rainy seasons mentioned a while ago so that you can get the best out of your trip. You need not to bring umbrellas, raincoats, or whatsoever, just a lot of tanning lotion, a hat, your shades, or anything that would protect you from the sunburn.