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Water Activities in Seychelles

Planning your tropical holiday? Donít think twice. It has to be in Seychelles. This archipelago is comprised of many islands having numerous districts. And each island has a lot to offer than magnificent beaches. Aside from slacking, there are a lot of activities that you can do here in the Republic of Seychelles. No matter what age group you belong, you will never get bored while spending your vacation at any of the outstanding islands of the archipelago. There are guided activities and activities that you can do on your own. So why look for other tropical tourist destinations when you can do everything in Seychelles without spending so much money.

Seychelles SailingBecause Seychelles is an archipelago, the island making up the whole republic is quite scattered. And because every island has its own beauty, tourists would not let the chance pass to do sailing since they are already in a tourist destination surrounded by a huge body of water. Through sailing, visitors do island hopping in order to visit the different islands of Seychellois even for just thirty minutes or so. There are various vessels that are for hire. Some have modern facilities, making the ride more enjoyable and comfortable. There are also small vessels, used for short distances only. While you are at it, why not do some fishing at the same time.

Fishing is one of the main sports and hobbies done by the local of Seychelles also known as Seychellois. This is also what most tourists all over the world enjoy most. There are so many fishing grounds and huge fishing opportunities for all. You donít have to move from one place to another just to avoid the other boat who is fishing as well. Moreover, fishing in Seychellois does not need much effort. All you have to do is to put your rod and bait where the fish can see. Then wait for no longer than five minutes and you can have the best tasting fish ever. Itís that easy!

Another activity that is best done with sailing is island hopping. As what have been mentioned before, there are so many islands in the archipelago of Seychelles. Actually, according to the people of Seychelles, there are at least 115 to 155 islands making up the archipelago. Some who have done island hopping also does diving at the different islands as well. Diving sites of every island is unique from one another, making it very intriguing as to what surprise will the other island will give next.

But not all activities in Seychelles are done on the waters of the Indian Ocean. Hiking is also one of the best activities in Seychelles favored by most nature lovers. You can see various flora and fauna along the way, making your hiking trip more interesting. The views from the elevated area of the archipelago are also breath-taking. Different trails, different challenges, and different surprises are offered in a hiking package at Seychelles. All you have to bring is your camera and a bottled water to prevent dehydration and make you walk more steps.