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Seychelles Travel Guide

The country of Seychelles is quite far from its neighboring countries. Because of this, some people call as the isolated paradise. More than just great beaches, Seychelles also offers its visitors to experience the luxurious life without so much cost. It has a warm, tropical weather the whole year along with the fine, calm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is also a place where you can find exotic cuisines, exotic animals, and exotic plants. The dishes are varied from Indian, French, Chinese, and English meals made from different herbs and spices. To make it more exotic, animals such as bats and octopus are created into delectable local food. There are also plants living in Seychelles that cannot be found anywhere else than here in this country.

Seychelles is also the right place for all those bird lovers. There are more than two-hundred different species of birds taken care at the aviaries and sanctuaries of the archipelago. And because Seychelles is a home for millions of birds flying freely at its premises, they even have a so-called Bird Island where most of these creatures are nesting. This is truly an amazing place where people and animals can live together.

Seychelles Travel GuideOne of the islands in Seychelles is Mahe. This is where the capital city called Victoria is located. Mahe has a lot of attractive sandy beaches where the whole family can surely enjoy. Luxurious hotels and resorts are also rampant in the island of Mahe. The famous Banyan Tree and the Saint Anne Resort and Spa are here in this island. They are not just hotels and resorts but they serve as tourist attractions in this area of Seychelles as well. Don't forget to take a tour at the Tea Factory, Kaz Zanana and other tourist spots while you are here in Mahe. However, the beautiful places in Seychelles are not only in Mahe but in other places as well such as Victoria, Praslin, Curieuse, Ile Aride, Cousin, Bel Ombre, Saint Pierre Islet, Beau Vallon, Ile Desroches and Bird Island.

Seychelles is also considered as the pirate's paradise long before. But now, this is a paradise for all, for the family, for the adventurers, for the children, and for the honeymooners. Aside from the birds that are almost everywhere, there are also hundreds of different marine life species here in Seychelles. Meet and greet all of these exotic sea creatures through different activities such as diving, snorkeling or boat trips with glass bottoms.

Once you are here in the archipelago of Seychelles, all you have to do is to lay back, relax, unwind, and sleep with the lullaby of the nice breeze in the coasts of Seychelles. No matter where you look, you will see panoramic sceneries, dramatic landscapes, sparkling waters, and postcard-like ambiance. These and more are perfect for that holiday where your backdrop is the natural settings in Seychelles. So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket, pack your things and grab a flight now to Seychelles.