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Most people are not aware that Seychelles is an archipelago. What they know about Seychelles is that its an island just like any other tropical tourist destinations. It is made up of hundred of islands. As a matter of fact the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles states that it has at least 155 islands. Because of the number of islands in Seychelles, it is divided into different groups depending on the islandís features. Some belong to the group of granitic island while others belong to the coral island. The famous ocean where Seychelles is situated is the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is located at the east of Kenya, 1,600 kilometers away from the neighboring country.

Because of the different races and cultures here in Seychelles, there are also different religions observed in the archipelago. However, the most prevalent religion is Roman Catholic. As a matter of fact, according to the survey done in 1992, at least ninety percent of the Seychellois are Catholics. But because British have tried to establish the religion called Protestantism, there are some who have found their calling in the said religion. There is also Islam or Muslims in Seychelles and they are allowed to do their ritual of religious broadcasting at least 15 minutes, only during Fridays.

Seychelles TourismAlthough Seychelles is surrounded by lush mountains, virgin forests, clear waters, and clean environment, many are still advised to have shots against typhoid as well as Hepatitis A. And because of the abundant plants, trees, and forests embracing the whole archipelago, there is a high risk of Chikungunya virus or dengue fever due to mosquitoes and other insects biting you. Therefore, it is a must that you bring an insect repellant to avoid such conditions. You may also buy from local stores but it is usually sold in a very expensive price. Bottled water is also available to quench your thirst. This is what most tourists opt to drink although the tap water has passed the standards set by the World Health Organization.

The local currency of Seychelles is known as the Seychelles Rupee or SCR. When paying your hotel bills, you must give a foreign currency, credit cards, or travelerís cheque. But other establishments, on the other hand, only accept SCR notes and coins such as restaurants, gift shops, and more. Tipping is not required but you may do so if you think you got an excellent service.

In order to get inside Seychelles, there are necessary requirements that you must present upon your arrival at the airport. Present a valid passport, your return ticket, your printed hotel reservation, and your money that you will be spending during your stay at Seychelles. When all of the valid requirements are shown, the Department of Immigration of Seychelles will issue you a Visitorís Permit. The said permit is given to the tourists who will be staying for one to three months in Seychelles. However, if the tourist wants to extend his stay for more than three months, they must pay 1,000 Seychelles Rupee for the next 3 month Visitorís Permit extension.