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Tourist Attractions

The archipelago of Seychelles is more than just the picturesque views that you can see at every corner of every island. Tourists are not drawn not just because of the magnificence of the natural beauty. There are also a lot of attractions which make the Seychelles more interesting. The tourist destination has museums, marks of the colonial era, gardens, parks, World Heritage Site, galleries, and more. With all these tourist spots, you will surely never get bored in Seychelles. After unwinding and relaxing at the beautiful beaches, visit any of the attractions of the archipelago to know more about their culture and to make your vacation much more interesting.

Seychelles: Vallee De MaiOne of the first stops for most tourists in Seychelles is the Vallee de Mai located in the island of Praslin. It is hidden and situated in one of the virgin forests of Seychelles and visitors may get to see different kinds of exotic plants and wildlife species. However, the main attraction in Vallee de Mai is the area where the palm called coco de mer grows. This palm is producing nuts that weighs more than 18 kilograms and considered as the largest in the whole world. The nut is very intriguing because it is shaped like the pelvis of female human. And because of its shape as well as rarity, the nut produced by the coco de mer palm is said to have some aphrodisiac properties. The Vallee de Mai is also a home to the rare bird species such as Seychelles bulbul, black parrot and the fruit pigeon. In 1984, it was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Ste Anne Marine National Park is one of the places where tourists can witness the amazing event of hawksbill turtles nesting. Those who want to experience a sea adventure may also rent equipments for snorkeling so that they may get to be close to some coral reefs and other marine creatures. But for those who are afraid to swim, they can still get to see some of the wonders below by taking boat trips with glass bottoms.

If you want to know more about the history of Seychelles, then the National Museum of History is the place that you must visit. It has all the details and artifacts regarding the past of the archipelago. There are salvaged shipwrecks, voodoo dolls, coral, and other items owned by the pirates that visited Seychelles long ago. There is also a museum where bones of extinct animals are displayed. This is the Seychelles Natural History Museum. It exhibits the remains of the extinct kind of crocodile, fascinating animals, as well as shipwrecks. Both the National Museum of History and the Seychelles Natural History Museum would charge 10 Seychelles Rupee per head. However, the Seychelles Natural History Museum offers a guided tour for only 20 Seychelles Rupee. Concessionary rates are given to the locals of Seychelles or Seychellois as long as they present a valid ID proving their residency at the archipelago.