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Silhouette Island

The island of Mahe is the largest island in the archipelago of Seychelles. The island of Silhouette comes at the third spot if the area of each island in Seychelles is measured. The island of Silhouette is located at the north-west area of Mahe. The whole area of Silhouette Island is at least three thousand hectares. But although Silhouette is such a big island, there are only less than two hundred inhabitants living here. This is because the ports in Silhouette are filled with so many coral reefs, making vessels and other water vehicles difficult to dock. But because many are attracted to the beauty of this island, there are now jetties specially made for the ports of Silhouette Island. Moreover, there are also helicopter services that would take you to Silhouette coming from the island where the Seychelles International Airport is located – the Mahe Island.

Seychelles: Silhouette IslandIf most islands in the archipelago of Seychelles are named after the famous saints, kings, or discoverers, the island of Silhouette was named from a French dignitary in the 18th century. There are also stories that Hodoul, a famous privateer, lived in the island of Silhouette for a long time. And before he left Silhouette, he left treasures at the island. Until now, no treasures have been found yet.

From the island of Mahe, Silhouette Island's outline can be viewed especially if you are situated at the beach of Beau Vallon. The most photographic scenery is best seen during the sunset at the Mount Dauban. The island of Silhouette is also the most recommended place for all those trekking fanatics, nature lovers, and hiking fans. There are no cemented roads or streets in Silhouette, only dirt paths which is very enjoyable since you will be seeing so many plants and other creatures roaming freely around the island.

Water activities are also available here in Silhouette. However, there are not many water-sports activities involving motor vessels in this island such as jet skiing, sailing, and more. But tourists can enjoy snorkeling and diving activities that would let them explore the corals of the island. There is no need to bring your own gear since the diving schools will provide the necessary equipments for this kind of activity. Underwater photography is also one of the most enjoyed activities by professional photographers. Photographers from all over the world visit Silhouette just to have a post-card like picture that they can submit to different travel companies and other publications that would show Earth’s natural beauty.

Because of the simplicity in this magnificent tourist destination, the life in the island of Silhouette can be compared to the lifestyle that the locals of long ago have lived. There is not much difference. Only hotels and other accommodations have changed the façade of the island. For accommodations in the Silhouette Island go to Seychelles Hotels guide. The inhabitants are still growing cinnamon, coconut, tobacco, and avocados to earn something for a living. If there are excursionists and tourists visiting their island, it is rare that these locals are seen roaming all over the island.