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Sainte Anne Island

Aside from the island of Mahe, the Sainte Anne Island in Seychelles is one of the largest islands included in what they call the Marine National Park. Most of the areas in Sainte Anne Island are made up of large mountains that are eight hundred feet high, creating dramatic landscapes. The tropical vegetation is also abundant in most areas of the island of Sainte Anne. The sands on the coasts of Sainte Anne Island are like the sands in other parts of Seychelles – fine, white, and soft. The surrounding water near the coast is crystal blue and it turns turquoise as the water gets deeper.

Seychelles: Sainte Anne IslandThe name of the island was taken from the name of a saint since it was discovered at the same day when French celebrates the feast of Sainte Anne. Before the early French settlers colonized the neighboring island of Sainte Anne, which is Mahe Island, this is where they first settled for a long time. In the past, the island of Sainte Anne was a refuge for many escaped prisoners. During the early twentieth century, Sainte Anne Island was used as a whaling base. Eventually, the Sainte Anne Island was developed. Hotels, restaurants, and other establishments were built. As a result, tourists come rushing in. And the number of tourists visiting Sainte Anne Island rapidly increases year after year.

The island of Sainte Anne is embraced by a Marine National Park. The Marine National Park is a haven to the several marine species, which according to the said park, has already reached 150 different kinds of fish and underwater creatures. Because of this, there are no water sport activities that can be done here. They are strictly enforcing this rule in order to not disturb the whole paradise where the natural sea treasures have been living for more than thousand of years now. However, tourists who want to explore the rest of the sea may go snorkeling or scuba diving.

The Sainte Anne National Marine Park was established in 1973. This is actually the first Marine Park in the whole Indian Ocean. Although other islands in Seychelles welcomes the nesting turtles such as green turtles and hawksbill turtles, the Saint Anne Island is considered as the primary nesting ground for the mentioned creatures. You may explore the rest of the Saint Anne Island by yourself or you may get one of the packages offered by most hotels and resorts.

Luxury hotels and resorts are also available in Sainte Anne Island. They also comply with the rules set by the Sainte Anne National Marine Park. They are also responsible enough to care for the marine life and the whole island as well. There are also budget hotels which are not just budget-friendly but environment friendly as well. And although most of these budget hotels do not offer fully air-conditioned rooms, this is where you may get to experience what a Sainte Anne life really is - simple yet relaxing. Various accommodations in the Sainte Anne  Island can be found at Seychelles Hotels guide. Air flight and boat services are available in Mahe Island so that you may reach the island of Sainte Anne.