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Regions of Seychelles

Seychelles is a country contains several scattered islands. It is an archipelago which is divided into several regions. As of now, the country of Seychelles has at least twenty-five regions. They also call these administrative regions as districts. There are eight districts located in the Greater Victoria, a capital city which is considered as the smallest in the while world. One region is located at the inner islands and La Digue. Two regions are situated in Praslin while the remaining fourteen regions, on the other hand, are located in the Rural Mahe.

The eight regions in the Greater Victoria includes the Saint Louis, the Bel Air, the Roche Caiman, the La Riviere Anglaise whose capital is the English River, the Plaisance, the Les Mamelles, the Mont Fleuri and the Mont Buxton. All of the seven regions mentioned are situated in the island of Mahe. The region of Les Mamelles is not in the island of Mahe, but is located near Mahe. Some of the most beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels are found in these regions. Moreover, these regions are the most visited regions of the tourists since the facilities are very modern and the center of transportation is here in Mahe.

The Rural Mahe embraces the fourteen regions of Seychelles namely, Takamaka whose capital is Takamaka as well, the Port Glaud whose capital city’s name is also Port Glaud, the Anse Aux Pins, the Pointe La Rue, the Anse Boileau, the Grand ‘Anse Mahe, the Anse Etoile, the Glacis, the Au Cap, the Cascade, the Anse Royale, the Bel Ombre, the Baie Lazare, and the Beau Vallon. Out of all the regions in the Rural Mahe, the Anse Boileau is the only one that is famous for its coves. It is also recognized as the fishing region in Seychelles because of the locals of Anse Boileau gets their income through fishing.

The two regions located in Praslin are only Grand’Anse Praslin and the Baie Sainte Anne. The capital of Baie Sainte Anne is Anse Volbert while Grande Anse is the capital of Grand’Anse Praslin. Resorts and hotels are the most common establishments in Baue Sainte Anne. The resorts are definitely great for family vacations since it can also accommodate children as young as four years old. The Grand’Anse Praslin, on the other hand, is filled with private villas and private real estate properties own by many rich and famous.

La Digue is the only region in the La Digue and other inner islands. The capital of La Digue is the La Reunion. There are about 2,000 residents living in La Digue and it is considered as the fourth largest island in Seychelles where locals are living. The most popular beach in La Digue is the Anse Source d’Argent. In the heart of the region, is its highest peak known as the Belle Vue or Eagle’s Nest Mountain. Aside from tourism, the two main industries in La Digue are vanilla and copra production. This region is also a home to the rare bird called Japanese Paradise-flycatcher or the Black Paradise-flycatcher.