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People & Culture

No matter how beautiful a tourist destination is if the people are not warm and friendly, no tourist would like to be there and spend their vacation for a long time. Aside from the natural exquisiteness of a tourist spot, the locals make the place even more inviting not only for tourists but investors as well. Moreover, a colorful culture would make a tourist destination even more interesting. When the tourist attractions, people and the culture come together, it will surely create a very appealing image to the tourists all over the world.

Seychelles, no doubt, has a lot of magnificent places to go to. Picturesque areas in Seychelles are everywhere no matter where you point your camera lenses. There is also no question whether the locals of Seychelles, called Seychellois, will welcome you with open arms or not. The most prevalent race in Seychelles is the Africans. However, there are also traces of Arabs, French, Indians, and Chinese living in Seychelles as seen from the physical features of the locals. The Seychellois have a simple rule when it comes to their visitors. They see to it that tourists will take pictures, souvenirs, and memories, but will not leave their garbage behind. Seychellois will offer their hands for a handshake as a sign that you being welcomed. Donít be surprise if someone invited you to be their guest. Make sure that you bring something as a gift if you were to visit a localís house.

Because of the mixed races in Seychelles, the culture in this place is very colorful and very interesting. You will know more about their culture through their hand-made items, cuisines, arts, music, and much more. The foods vary from sweet, spicy, and exotic tastes influenced by the English, African, Chinese, Indian and French spices. Handcrafted items such as tablemats and batik are the most purchased souvenirs by the tourists because of the intricate patterns, unique designs, and the quality of the materials.

The locals of Seychelles also love music. As a part of their culture, they enjoy the sounds of kanmtorag or raga-muffin, reggae or mouggae, sega music, blues and much more created in their region. They also appreciate the latest hits released worldwide but the young people as well as the old would rather listen to their own music than the songs played internationally.

If you want to experience the true culture here in Seychelles, you must visit during October when the Kreol Festival is celebrated. The Seychellois will be welcoming Kreols coming from the Indian Ocean, South America, North America and from the Caribbean. There will be a lot street partying where people are dancing to the tunes and beats of the local instruments, exhibits of crafts and arts made by the Seychellois, and spicy Kreol foods all over Seychelles.

With the warm welcome of the people and the captivating culture of Seychelles, there is no doubt why some visitors have decided to stay and migrate here in this archipelago. You will have nothing but a good and simple life in a paradise.