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Seychelles Offshore Company Formation

Seychelles provides investors the opportunity for a surefire venture by starting an International Business Company. It is the most versatile type of offshore company existing in Seychelles. Just like other offshore company, a Seychelles International Business Company is tax-free and could venture on any forms of international business. Plus, the business will enjoy complete confidentiality of its records with minimum or no reporting at all.

Since the creation of Seychelles International Business Company Act of 1994, there are about 30,000 Seychelles IBC's that have been created. According to the latest statistics, at least 600 new offshore companies are conceived every month.

A Seychelles IBC is a 100% tax-free offshore company. The IBC doesn't pay any duty with regards to their income. Shareholders of any Seychelles IBC are also not subject to any duty on his income derived from the IBC.
In other to qualify as a Seychelles International Business Company, the offshore company must not engage in any business within Seychelles. It must also not own any real estate in Seychelles as well. Finally, the offshore company must not be involved in banking or insurance business without a special license from the government.

On the other hand, a Seychelles IBC can maintain a Seychelles-based bank account. It can also maintain its bookkeeping and accounting facilities in the islands. Board meetings can be held within Seychelles as well. It may not own property in Seychelles but the offshore company can lease real estate that will be used as its office. It can also buy stocks and securities of local Seychelles business. A Seychelles IBC can also own a marine vessel or aircraft that is registered in Seychelles.

Secrecy is the main feature that investors of offshore company look for. Details of the board members, owners, directors and shareholders are not being disclosed to the public. When registering a new Seychelles IBC, investors don't need to indicate the owner of the business. The Republic of Seychelles is an independent country, with its own constitution. It is their policy not to share or divulge any information to any other country or organization. It has no treaty or agreements with other countries that involves data-sharing. This makes investors confident about Seychelles' policies. In the same way, Seychelles protects the rights of the investors from seizure of its properties and business by any foreign authority. Any attempt to forcefully obtain a Seychelles IBC will be dealt by the courts of Seychelles.

Incorporation of a new Seychelles IBC is very easy and at the same time the fastest. It can be incorporated within a 24 hour time frame. A Seychelles IBC is also not required to put up a minimum paid-up capital meaning, even with a same capital, you can start your own IBC.

A Seychelles International Business Company is also not required to keep any bookkeeping of its accounts. It up to owners of the business to do what they think is best for their offshore company. It is the most flexible form of offshore company available. More info about Seychelles offshore company formation.