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Seychelles Luxury Hotels

Although the price when you travel to Seychelles is cheaper compared to the amount you will spend on Caribbean islands, the archipelago still caters luxury hotels and resorts for those who want to spend a lot of money for their vacation and accommodation. Because of this, not only that famous people who are working in the showbiz industry visit Seychelles but also people working in politics as well. They are the usual visitors in these luxury hotels and they spend most of their vacations in the expensive resorts in Seychelles.

The most popular five-star hotel in Seychelles is the Banyan Tree located in the island of Mahe. The most recommended room is Banyan Tree is at the Intendance Pool Villa. This is where you can have a great view of the private pools and the beaches as well. Guests will surely love to spend their day at any of the eight pavilions specially made for spas. There are also gyms and fitness centers where you can sweat and trim down while on vacation. Banyan tree is the most favored hotel out of all the luxury hotels in Seychelles. This is the hot spot for those who are in Seychelles to spend their honeymoon.

Another top resort situated in the Mahe Island. The resort called Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove is the most recommended resort if you are spending your family vacation in Seychelles. The Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove has at least seventy suites and guestrooms. The resort also has a fine-dining restaurant situated at an area where guests will have a great view of the sea. Children that are under 12 years of age are given discounts not only in hotel rooms but in restaurants as well. For the parents who want to unwind and spend time for themselves, they can call for a babysitter at least 24 hours before their desired schedule.

Aside from the Mahe Island, there are also several resorts in other parts of Seychelles. In Praslin island, the Constance Lemuria Resort is considered as one of the top luxury resorts in the archipelago of Seychelles. Guests may choose from different kind of suites made from pink granite, wood, stone, or marble. Not only adults may enjoy the resort but children as well, especially those who are aging four to twelve years old. There is what they call Turtle Club in which children can have an exclusive pool, entertainment area, club house, and more. There is also a garden nursery to those who belong in the Turtle Club where they are taught to plant fruits, herbs, and flowers.

Another one of the luxury hotels in Seychelles is also located in Praslin. The Chateau de Feuilles is an exclusive hotel is a place where guests can experience extreme privacy, luxury, the best comfort, as well as unique accommodation. Wake up every morning as the exotic birds serve as your alarm clock. Moreover, picturesque views are offered in every window of your extravagant guest room. More luxury hotels can be found at the categorized Seychelles Hotels guide.