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Local Food & Drink

Get a taste of the world when you are at Seychelles. Because of the different culture and different races living in this archipelago, there is also a wide variety of cuisines which would suit what type of taste you prefer. Choose from the Indian varieties, Asian delicacies, French cooking, and local African tang. Savor the flavors of all of these fodders at the international and local restaurants located everywhere the archipelago. People of all ages will surely enjoy the menu and eating while situated at a terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean or right in front of the sea.

Exotic foods are usually available in most restaurants in Seychelles. The roussettes or huge bats that are usually seen flying from one tree to another during the night is one their must-try local food specialty. Some restaurants always have it in their menus. It can be served "en civet" or stewed with any kind of vegetables that you prefer. For those who have already experienced eating roussettes, they said that the subtle flavor of the said animal is just like that of a lambís meat. However, eating these big bats or roussettes can be quite challenging because of the little bones of the night bird. But itís definitely all worth it.

And because Seychelles is surrounded by water, fresh seafood is also served. It is usually grilled in front of the customer so that they can still ask if they want it cooked with sauce. Other option for seafood is to serve it in curry preparations. It can either be red or green curry. Curry is pronounced by Seychellois as cari. The local food of Seychelles is mixed not only with lait de coco or coconut milk but with citronelle, also known as lemongrass, as well. They also offer various fish on the menu such as the ballan wrase, parrot fish, mullet, shark rabbit fish and tuna.

Most of the dishes served in Seychelles are accompanied by rice. As for the rice, you may choose whether you want to have it in plain, saffron flavored or spiced. There is also small soft bread which can only be seen in Seychelles. You may spread it with garlic butter to create garlic bread the Seychelles way.

Now that you are already familiar with the local food of Seychelles, don't forget that the archipelago also has drinks that go best with their local foods. Cocktails can suit whatever it is that you are eating. There are also international wines available at some hotels and fine-dining restaurants. But the price is two times higher compared to the city. Most tourists prefer to have juice instead. The juices served in Seychelles are not from commercialized powdered drinks but fresh from the fruit farms such as mango, kiwi, watermelon, and of course, coconut. These juices are sweet-tasting without any artificial flavors. There are also international sodas available everywhere in the archipelago. There are also teas and choose from the different kinds of teas coming from various countries such as India, China or France.