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La Digue Island

La Digue is one of the beautiful islands of the republic of Seychelles. It is only a few kilometers away from the famous Praslin Island. But unlike other islands, coming to La Digue will only require you to ride a boat. Coming from the island of Praslin, it will only take at least twenty to thirty minutes of your time to reach La Digue. The island does not welcome airplanes, helicopters and even public transportation inside. If you think that a traditional tourism experience can no longer exist, better think again. La Digue is the place where the traditional way of living goes along with the tourism industry.

Seychelles: La Digue IslandRight after you get down from the boat, you will notice that there are no taxis or buses waiting to transfer you to your hotel. Instead, they have these carts pulled by big ox that serves as the islandís taxi. This is the primary mode of transportation here in La Digue. It is very rare that you see cars in this island. But oxcarts can sometimes be slow if you want to reach a certain area in La Digue faster. That is why there are bicycles that are for rent which allows the tourists to explore more places in La Digue especially those that cannot be reached by the oxcarts.

Luxury hotels are not rampant here in La Digue. However, there are numerous hotels that would provide you the comfort and accommodation that you are looking for. The most famous hotel in La Digue is the La Digue Island Lodge. But most guests prefer to stay at the simple guesthouses so that they can have a true La Digue experience. But if you donít want to spend a night here in La Digue and all you want to do is simple sight-seeing activity, you can have a day trip in La Digue and head back to your hotel in Praslin. In this way, all you have to pay is your boat fare and no longer pay for another hotel accommodation. More resorts in the La Digue Island can be found at Seychelles Hotels guide.

The natural landscapes make the island unique from all other tropical destinations in the world. The one-of-a-kind rock formation extends down under the waters of La Digue. There are also several coves which have been featured in many international movies and renowned travel magazines. The beaches are also secluded where you can freely play your feet at the fine white sands without anyone watching.

Since most locals of Seychelles are Roman Catholics, including the people living in La Digue, the island has a small church. It is the church of the Lady of our Assumption. From there, you may take a walk going to the islandís coconut and vanilla plantation. Tourists are allowed to enter the premises of the plantation where they can watch how the coconuts where gathered and processed.

When going to the island of La Digue, make sure that you have charged the batteries of your digital cameras or you brought enough films so that you can have photos of this wonderful spot in Seychelles.