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Jobs & Employment Opportunities in Seychelles

When a particular place becomes a tourist destination, more and more employment opportunities are becoming available as time goes by. More tourists would mean more income to the locals who are working and more income for the whole economy as well. In Seychelles, there are now a lot of jobs available and offered to the locals of the archipelago. This is certainly a great source of income for them since crop production doesn’t give them that much. They earn from the salary that they get from the company they are working for and they would earn from the tips that visitors give at the same time.

One of the most prevalent jobs in Seychelles is in the hotels and resorts. It does not matter whether you are working at a luxurious hotel or at a budget-friendly inn. Different employment opportunities are open such as bell boy, receptionist, waitress, cook, and more. The more tourists will visit Seychelles, the more will the hotels and its employees will earn. The visitors come at these establishments to have someone serve them even for just a week. Local of the archipelago are more than willing to serve these tourists as long as they are treated right. They show the warmth and hospitality that only a true Seychellois can give.

Another one of the common job opportunities is being a tourist guide. You have to know a lot not about a particular island but about the whole archipelago of Seychelles at the same time so you can be a versatile guide. Tourists will appreciate their trip more if they get to know some trivia and information regarding the tourist destination of their choice. Tell them about the history, the famous celebrities who have been in Seychelles, intriguing details, and more.

Employment opportunities at the Seychelles International Airport are also open for all. There are employment opportunities for those who are qualified to work in Air Seychelles. There are also slots for immigration officers needed at the airport as well as blue-collared jobs.

Work-at-home jobs are also prevalent in Seychellois. This includes telemarketing and date entry jobs. Mostly, mothers who needs to take care of their little ones or disabled persons are the common employees of these work-at-home employment opportunities. There is no cash-out or it can be considered as fraud or scam.

There are also seasonal jobs for the locals who wanted to earn extra money during their vacation. During the peak season at Seychelles, many tourists rush here to spend their family vacation, honeymoon, or holiday. Most locals that are hired as seasonal employees are teenagers.

All of the jobs and employment opportunities are offered to the locals of the Republic of Seychelles as well as foreigners who have decided to stay at this wonderful archipelago instead. Aside from the compensation, there are also benefits, freebies and more given to the employees especially if you opt to work under the government or private sectors.