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Getting Around Seychelles

Getting around Seychelles has never been so easy. Most roads are now concrete. Public transportation is also available. Motor vessels can take you to the different island making up the archipelago. And best of all, there are regular flight coming to and fro the country of Seychelles. Visitors can have a great time roaming around Seychelles and discovering places in different islands. Moreover, fares are very cheap even for car rentals and taxis. Every year, the country of Seychelles is updating its road and airport facilities because of the rapidly growing number of tourists visiting and staying for a week of holiday and vacation.

The international airport of Seychelles offers regular flights going to Denis Island, Bird Island, Praslin Island, Desroches Island and Alphonse Island. If you want to get to the islands faster, there are several helicopters that are for rent. These helicopters can take you anywhere in Seychelles within thirty to forty-five minutes. However, the flight rates of the helicopter are a lot more expensive than the airplane. But with helicopters, you can get an excellent aerial view of the islands in Seychelles and dolphins or whales frolicking at the waters of the Indian Ocean at the same time.

From the international airport of the archipelago, there are available public buses for those who are in Seychelles without a package tour. Since the airport is situated in the island of Mahe, the bus service is the one that connects Mahe to other parts of Seychelles. The standard fare for the bus is only 3 Seychelles Rupees. And although the price is cheap, you will have a comfortable and smooth ride going to your destination. Moreover, since the bus will be dropping other passengers of at different areas in Seychelles, you will get to see more places and attractions even before you start your vacation.

Exploring the waters of Seychelles is also a way to get to the other islands of the archipelago. There are vessels and ferries that would take you to the small harbors of the different islands in Seychelles. Most ferries depart after every 2 hours while some have hourly ferries traveling inter-islands.

If you are the type that gets sick during a bus ride, there are also taxis and company cars that are for rent. If you are lucky enough and your driver knows a lot about the places you will be passing during your journey, you will get to know more about the culture, the different tourist attractions and more. And if ever there is a special place of interest that you want to go immediately, you can ask for the service of these taxis or cars to take you directly to that location. You might want to bring a picture of the tourist attraction or give the address of the spot so you can get there without a hassle. Your hotel can arrange a private car or a taxi for you, or you can call the taxi hotline so you can make an appointment and pick you up at the place where you are staying.