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Fregate Island

The island of Fregate is considered as one of the most luxurious islands in the world. It is located in the archipelago of Seychelles. But unlike the other islands in Seychelles, Fregate Island is dotted with so many grandiose hotels and resorts. These establishments are flocked not by common tourists but well-known politicians, international celebrities, popular artists, famous fashion models, and people belonging in the elite world. This is where most of them go if they are seeking for a tourist destination with privacy. Although not secluded, no paparazzi and alike can get to stay at any of the hotels in Fregate Island without a big budget.

Seychelles: Fregate IslandThe natural treasures of the island of Fregate are truly outstanding. It is like Mother Nature gave so much of her blessings to this one island alone. Fregate Island is filled with so many tropical tress, some are small while others may have lived for decades. Rare birds are also within sight here in Fregate Island. But the best creature attraction of all is the giant turtles that grow as big as a dog. It is so huge that what you commonly see in most aquariums all over the world, that you would probably think it is just a sculpture or a ceramic turtle model if it is not in motion.

The name of the island came not from a famous or historical person. Fregate Island's name came from the local bird resident of the island called Fregate. This bird is also known as the pirate of the sky. Unlike other seabirds, they cannot land on water or swim. But these birds are very skillful and they combine it with their excellent speed in order to get foods at the water. And because of this, the discoverer of the Fregate Island was impressed. While Lazare Picault was exploring the island that time, he saw the Fregate bird performed his aerial acrobatics. He had never seen a bird maneuver in such a way that no other birds can do. That is why he named the island after the bird instead.

The life in Fregate Island is very simple. So simple that all you have to do is to layback while food is served right next to you. This is a great time to bond with your family or special someone. That is why the Fregate Island is also considered as one of the hottest spots for those who are traveling to spend their wedding or their honeymoon. But in case you get tired of slacking the whole time, there are water-sports activities that you can do. The equipments and other facilities are for rent and usually provided by the hotel where you are staying in. Accommodations in the Fregate Island can be found at Seychelles Hotels guide. There are also tropical gardens where you see various flowers in all shapes and sizes. And before leaving the island of Fregate, do not forget to savor the flavor of the local cuisines of Seychelles that are available at the restaurants inside or outside the hotel. Experience true holiday here at Fregate Island.