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Desroches Island

Imagine a place where you can truly feel that you are Adam or you are Eve, living in a paradise that the Supreme Being made, a place that no pollution or crime exists. In this era where environmental problems are becoming a fad to most places, you might think that this kind of paradise will only exist in your dreams, paintings, or cards. Then make that dream real by spending your holiday of vacation at one of the islands in Seychelles called Desroches Island. This resort is not only just an island but a resort as well so that you can have luxury, comfort and the scenery that you can never have anywhere else in the world.

The Desroches Island is an island in the archipelago of Seychelles. However, it belongs to the Amirantes Group of Islands and considered as the jewel of the group. It is a small island that has a lot to offer. Although there had been a lot of luxury and budget hotels built in this island, Desroches Island still remains to be remote and unspoiled. To get to the Desroches Island, you may take any of the air flights coming from Mahe going to the Desroches. It would only take thirty-five to forty-five minutes before your feet kisses the land of Desroches Island.

Seychelles: Desroches IslandThis little paradise is also known for being a coral atoll. Corals of different shapes, sizes and colors are just one of the most amazing scenes you could see at the island of Desroches. The coast of Descroches Island can be walked barefoot because of its fine, powdery texture, colored in white. The warm weather makes it suitable to become a year-round tourist destination. The turquoise-blue waters are truly exceptional. It certainly compliments the vivid green of the lush forests and dramatic landscapes formed in the island.

There are numerous resorts and hotel accommodations to choose from, mostly are not as luxurious and big compared to the other hotels in Seychelles. Nevertheless, you can still get the quality, hospitality, relaxation and everything that there is in a fine living. Most rooms of these hotels are not air-conditioned. They believe that giving you the best of Desroches Island is to live it the traditional way. The comfortable beds have mosquito nets to add to that dramatic effect or simply shield you away from the insects during the night. There are also not much cars in the Desroches Island. Tourists can explore the rest of the small Desroches Island through the use of bicycles that are for hire. But there are different services and amenities offered at these hotels such as soothing spas (the Desroches-way), swimming pools, restaurants serving local Seychellois food and drinks, bars, and much more. Special packages are usually given to those who will celebrate their wedding or honeymoon at the Desroches Island. Moreover, some hotels in the island of Desroches give special discounts to those who are in for a vacation with their family. So you better book early for these hotels before going to Desroches Island.