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Denis Island

Some people pronounce it as Dennis, like a man’s name or the child menace. But this island in Seychelles is in anyway pronounced like a common household name. The island of Denis is known for its coral life and very popular as a home for the pirates long ago. The three hundred seventy-five acre of the Denis Island is made up of sands that are as soft as a powder and lush vegetation. Much more, Denis Island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean whose water is colored turquoise. This is truly a paradise that everybody would love to live a laid-back life.

Seychelles: Denis IslandThe name of the island came from a French explorer. He is Denis de Trombiant who was said to be the discoverer of the island. It was in August 12, 1773 when Denis de Trombiant first laid his eyes on the Denis Island while he was at the vessel called L’Etoile. When Denis de Trombiant first set foot on the island, he recognized that the lush forest is a haven for different kinds of bird species. The turquoise water, on the other hand, is the paradise where seals, sea cows, and turtles live. There are stories that Denis de Trombiant buried a small bottle in the island where the Act of Possession of the King of France is inserted. However, until now, there are bottle having such is found in Denis Island.

The production of copra and coconut are the main sources of income of the people living here in Denis Island. The island became important in the exporting industry of the whole Seychelles. It was only in 1975 that Denis Island became open to the public for tourism purposes. Denis Island was bought by a French industrialist named Pierre Burkhardt. But the ownership of the island was transferred in 1999 to Mr. and Mrs. Mason when they bought it from Pierre Burkhardt. Until now, the couple is continuing the tradition of the island which is to welcome guests, offer an excellent hospitality, and to protect the natural surroundings.

The island of Denis is known for its excellent marine life. Because of this, many nature lovers, biologists, and adventurers, do not leave Denis Island without diving into the clear calm waters surrounding the island. The diving center in Denis will provide you all the things you need to know before diving. Moreover, they will also provide you with the right equipments in diving. Once you are under the waters of Denis Island, you will not be frustrated since you will surely see whale sharks, turtles, and manta rays. You can even get close to the dolphins if ever you see one. Other activities such as sailing and windsurfing are also done here in the island of Denis.

Denis Island or Taj Denis Island for some can be reached through air flights coming from the Seychelles Internation Airport. From the island of Mahe, where the airport is located, you can be at Denis Island for no more than thirty minutes. Accommodations in the Denis Island can be found at Seychelles Hotels guide.