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Bird Island

One of the most popular islands in Seychelles is the intriguing Bird Island. It is located at the northernmost area of the archipelago. Sixty miles away from Bird Island is another island making up Seychelles, which is Mahe. From the island of Mahe, you can take a flight going to the Bird Island. And within thirty to forty minutes, you will reach the island known for its coral reefs. Aside from the corals, Bird Island is named so because of the numerous bird species nesting in here such as common noody terns, sooty terns, and fairy terms. This 170 acre island is also a home for the green turtles and the hawksbill tutles.

Seychelles: Bird IslandBird Island is actually not the original name of this island located at the end of Seychelles. The locals of the island and the archipelago used to call it as the lle aux Vaches. This is because Bird Island used to be surrounded by several seacows or what others call as dugong, living at the waters near Bird Island. The said island was also an area where coconut plantation is located. Crops like cotton and papaya were also planted and grown here in Bird Island. But since 1967, a private individual owned the island. Afterwards, several programs have been done to eradicate the rabbits and the rats in this island. Since then, conservation measures have been undertaken in order to protect the nesting sea turtles and the bird species. And because of the amazing sights that you can see in Bird Island, eventually, it turned into a private resort having twenty-four bungalows for the guests. More accommodations in the Bird Island can be found at Seychelles Hotels guide.

The beaches here in Bird Island are truly breath-taking. The color of the clear and clean water of the Indian Ocean is blue and turquoise. The coasts of the Bird Island are covered with white soft sands which truly compliments not only the water but the lush green vegetation of the island as well. At the southern and eastern area of the island is the barrier reef where vividly colored tropical fishes can be seen.

What’s so amazing about the Bird Island is the yearly phenomena happening during the month of May. Every year, not hundreds, but millions of different bird species are coming to the island to nest. But before they do, they would first get water from the Indian Ocean then drop it in an area of the island where the grass grows. This is the place where they want to nest. The role of the salt water coming from the sea is to make the grass dry after a few weeks. Once the grass is dry and all you can see is a dry ground that is they would begin building their nests.

Artificial lights are not available at the Bird Island during the night. First reason is to not distract the birds living in the island. Moreover, these lights can also disorient the nesting turtles and their hatchlings. As a result, these turtles will lose their way going back to the direction where the sea is.